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Regarding the U-46 Survey and Reopening Schools in the Fall

The survey sent to U-46 parents was an agenda driven fraud that enabled U-46 to obtain data that they could spin in any manner they wished in order to achieve their desired outcome. Nowhere in this survey are we given … Continue reading

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Talking Arrogance

Dianne Feinstein had the gall to accuse Ted Cruz of arrogance because he dared to point out to her the the unconstitutional nature of her gun control bill.  It’s instructive to note how the left always reveals itself (for those … Continue reading

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Why We Lost

Surreal is the word. Tuesday night was surreal; an out of body, out of reality experience. It cannot be explained in political strategic terms, or in terms of basic right and wrong. Ignorance was glorified, up was down, wrong was … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan’s dream closing speech

– this would have been gold if Paul Ryan had had this prepared at last night’s debate – _________________ Thank you for this opportunity to participate in this debate. I would thank our moderator, and Centre College for hosting this … Continue reading

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Military Collectivism

Ms. Duckworth likes to point to her military service, and camo garb, as giving her an understanding of how to mange the problems of civilian life. Always, the appeal is made to “come together” and “work as one”. However, it … Continue reading

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