Talking Arrogance

Dianne Feinstein had the gall to accuse Ted Cruz of arrogance because he dared to point out to her the the unconstitutional nature of her gun control bill.  It’s instructive to note how the left always reveals itself (for those who have their eyes open) by scolding and accusing those who oppose them of the very sin for which they are guilty.  It is to these people, like Ms. Feinstein, that Jesus correctly advised to “take the log out of your own eye and then you will be able to see clearly to remove the spec that is in your brother’s eye”.  But Ms. Feinstein does not “see clearly” that she is the epitome of arrogance and that the bill, which she introduced, is governmental arrogance on parade.  It is this very arrogance that the Bill of Rights addresses.  It is this arrogance, that no Senator, no matter how flawless, like Senator Feinstein, has the right to tell American citizens what they may or may not say, or the right to establish a list of exempted firearms that the citizens are permitted to own, or the right to have their property searched or seized .   Ted Cruz is pointing out this hypocrisy to Ms. Feinstein and she, in her arrogance, cannot tolerate it.  Because to people like Ms. Feinstein, the Bill of Rights itself is arrogant: that it dares to constrain such Senators by its limits, its instructiveness, and its supremacy over the ruling class, the ninny nannies, and the truly arrogant.

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