The Preposterous Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Why the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights is so egregious and has no place in a 5th grade classroom:

  • All the “rights” that this document declares are utopian fantasies that can never happen in the real world. What we have is an utterly ridiculous and exhausting list of human desires to which no one has a “right”. Just because people or dictators want something, does not make it a right. Nor does this UN declaration make it a reality, or even a possibility. What makes this so egregious, is that this impossibility is presented as a dream that we can all strive for like the globalist-inspired song “Imagine” by John Lennon. But for these human desires to be actually fulfilled in the real world, requires work, liberty and free markets, rather than empty declarations, utopian fantasies, and the redistribution of wealth.
  • This declaration amounts to a Santa Claus wish list by all the despotic regimes demanding everything they perceive the U.S. has without the liberty or Judeo/Christian ethic to guide them to it. Why not rather speak about the greatness of America’s founding that led us to these blessings? Almost all the real human rights violations occur in the tyrannical regimes which populate the UN.
  • This declaration is meaningless because the UN has no authority to grant or guarantee these rights. A “right” can only be guaranteed by an existing government that has jurisdiction over those whom the right is granted. Without this authority, the rights are not guaranteed, and thus worthless.
  • We already have a declaration of rights in our American Constitution, aptly called the Bill of Rights. It is these rights that have jurisdiction and meaning for the American citizen. These are the only rights that should be taught and explained in an American classroom.
  • This bogus “universal declaration” is supposed to apply to the universal global citizen. There is no such thing as a global citizen. It is a fantasy, a unicorn, a utopian dream of universal globalists’ minds. It is a nonexistent construct of the the international (universal) Marxist left. They hide behind the term “universal” to make their destructive world view palatable to the uninformed. Disturbingly, the “uninformed” are a growing swarm propagating throughout the education system corrupting its curriculum and administration so they no longer are able to comprehend the fraud of the “global citizen”. Where there is no governing authority, such as the United States government, there is no citizenship. Citizenship has no meaning outside the bounds of a country or a state which grants citizenship. We are therefore not, nor ever can be global citizens, until a one world (global) government is established. And herein lies the ultimate danger, because this has been the goal of the UN along with international Marxism (aka Communism). It does not exist as of yet, and by God’s grace, never will.
  • Resultant upon the failure of international Marxism, the UN exists as its new home. It is a cabal of dictators and wanna-be dictators whose purpose is to redistribute wealth, in any number of ways, from prosperous, capitalistic nations to failed tyrannical regimes . And the number one nation to redistribute wealth from is, of course, the United States. Without the U.S. as a wellspring of re-distributive possibilities, the UN would collapse under it’s own self-destructive weight. No declaration from this corrupt body should ever be given credence.

This Universal Declaration of Human Rights isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. It is utopian drivel fit for nothing more than mocking and demonstrating the utter depravity of Marxism. Talk about America, it’s founding, liberty, and the Bill of Rights.

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