The Liberty or Death Mission

So what is the purpose of Bill Ward’s Liberty or Death?

This is a website that is about making distinctions. Wisdom is the ability to discriminate: between liberty and tyranny; life and death; sheep and goats; good and evil; black, white, left, right and the proper negation of both —ordered liberty versus anarchy— classical liberalism versus collective liberalism. This is about the public versus the private, the sovereignty of the individual versus the tyranny of the state.

Wisdom is the synthesizing and application of truth.

All truth is God’s truth. 

Here you will find unique articles on various subjects with an emphasis on politics, religion and philosophy and their relationship to each other.

Rather than being another exhausting blog chronicling current events, with commentary, it seeks to explain those events and put them in a more permanent philosophical context.

I realize that I am more motivated to acquire the truth than to share it. So, it will take time to finalize the many concepts into finished articles, but much more material is planned and will be added in time.

The most significant addition will be an e-book, of sorts, that will introduce “The Political/Religious Spectrum”. A graphical exploration into human motivation, based on two fundamental drives: stability and freedom. It will give political and religious context to all the movements from communism to feudalism; from democracy to the constitutional republic. I believe you will gain from it much clarity and insight.

This website promotes philosophical conservatism and reality based Christianity. Its purpose is to expose and dismantle the religious views of the left, and reveal how the modern community based Christian church is following the error of the religious left. The sleeping church must awaken to the truth of reality rather than hiding behind the veil of religion. But as with most religious people, the left and right, they fear having their religion dismantled; as fear is the motivation of much religious belief.

As you can see, I have quite the task ahead. Better get going.

Thanks for reading,
Bill Ward

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