Common Core – The Simple and Only Fix

There is much talk lately about the latest left wing, nationalistic, education idea called “common core”.  But this is merely the latest furtherance of a continuing parade of egalitarian efforts to collectivize education and make it the same everywhere.  I find it extremely tiresome that we have to repeatedly fight these endless battles against statist educational practices.  There is a simple, powerful, and complete solution to all this that should be on the lips of every tea party member, Republican, and conservative across this country:  close down the U.S. Department of Education.

We are never going to stop the influx of this educational garbage until this beast is dead.  This should be the united voice of all those opposed to the myriad of twisted ideas that arise from left wing central planning.   To fight a long series of endless skirmishes, or to attempt to reform the reforms (the typical Republican idea), is a long term losing campaign.  We must rise up with a clear and simple message to completely shut it down; not leave it half alive, to come back from the dead and begin feeding again.  We are not going to be successful at killing all the babies of the beast if we don’t kill the beast herself.

We are too often getting lost in the weeds, believing that we will succeed if we build an army of grassroots conservatives to fight endless battles and all the hoards of the left.   But the left never sleeps, and the Department of Education’s only purpose is to continuously shove this crap at us.  Why would they ever stop?  It’s their job, they have nothing better to do.  And we keep giving them gobs of tax money to do it – to create the standards, (which nobody likes), to setup websites to explain the standards (which nobody reads), and hire lawyers and more “educators” to explain the standards (which nobody understands).

The only way to stop it is to permanently lock the doors on this pillar of leftism, and give all these tax sapping bureaucrats something else to do.

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3 Responses to Common Core – The Simple and Only Fix

    Peg Mulhall says:

    You’ve hit this spot on! We must take action against this “Dumbing Down” of our children.

  1. Why don’t you home school your children? You are a hypocrite for continuing to send your children to a public school and put all this on your blog. You are one crazy, out of whack person.

    • On the contrary, I am not a coward as you make yourself out to be. If you wish to home school then that is your prerogative, but meanwhile the country will crumble around you and then where will you be? Thankfully, the founders of this country showed courage to take charge of their country rather than hide within it. Rather than joining the fight, in self-righteousness, you mock those who take the arrows for you. You are confused as to the meaning of “hypocrisy”.

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