Regarding the U-46 Survey and Reopening Schools in the Fall

The survey sent to U-46 parents was an agenda driven fraud that enabled U-46 to obtain data that they could spin in any manner they wished in order to achieve their desired outcome. Nowhere in this survey are we given the opportunity to state the truth and our unwavering determination to open school completely and as normally as possible. In addition, to express our complete lack of fear concerning this virus, our opposition to the wearing of masks, and that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” which U–46 appears to be planning to foster.

As the facts show, and have always shown, if one can break through the non-stop media agenda, there is little more danger from coronavirus then there is from the flu or other communicative diseases. There have been other, some more serious, diseases in the past where school has not been shut down and no ridiculous and unworkable precautions were required. Even the CDC has recently announced that not only has COVID 19 not been a pandemic, but it has now dropped below epidemic proportions in terms of the number of deaths – which is the only number that matters, though it’s never the one they trumpet. The number of cases is only increasing due to the rabid appetite to test in order to maintain the “crisis” and keep the story alive. Without subsequential numbers of fatalities, it indicates that herd immunity is gradually making the virus ineffective.

This is particularly true for school age kids who have an extremely low level of dangerous consequences concerning this virus. Numerous studies throughout the world have confirmed that kids do not transmit coronavirus to adults, teachers, or even parents. Young healthy bodies are the quickest ones to develop antibodies making a future vaccine unnecessary. It is also almost impossible to develop a vaccine for a coronavirus since its characteristic is to continuously mutate making any previous vaccine of no value. Even the CDC has recently stated what many doctors have always known, that this version of coronavirus is simply a more deadly version of the common cold. But it is now in retreat thanks, not to the wearing of masks which are ineffectual, but to herd immunity.

“When it is safe” to return to normal and return to school without masks means “never”. There are thousands of diseases out there; it is never “safe”. Death is “safe”, life is not “safe”. There is always someone who is going to be afraid of something. Are we going to live the rest of our lives appeasing and acquiescing to every fear, every disease, and every inclination to waiver in the human heart? These parents and administrators who claim to care about their children contracting coronavirus are the very ones sucking the life out of their academic years. By shutting down the schools kids have not been able to graduate, go on field trips, play sports, or even get to see and hang out with their classmates. The remainder of last year was an educational farce of which many kids did not even attend. Parents have not been able go back to work as they need to. Teachers have not been able to use their talents to inspire. Friendships have been lost, opportunities have been squandered, talents have been wasted, growth has been stunted all because of an unnecessary, crippling fear. By continuing to self quarantine their healthy kids, U-46 and parents are crippling their children’s lives. The same will be true this coming year if we do not open fully and normally.

The very same parents who are supposedly afraid to send their kids to school over this virus have no problem letting their kids drive to school where the chance of death is over 40 times that of the virus. Kids have a higher chance of death from riding the school bus than they do dying from coronavirus. They have a much higher chance of committing suicide due to the oppressive unnecessary shutdown of life, and the dehumanization of hiding behind masks.

The masks are a lie and they are a health risk. Behind the masks CO2 far exceeds the recommended level. They are breeding grounds for bacterial infections and respiratory illness.  People can’t breathe as well and my daughter often reports having a sore throat when she has to wear a mask at her job.  She’s not going to wear a mask all day at school. Does U46 or these supposedly “concerned” parents care? The masks are destructive to our immune system by concentrating disease behind the masks and then re-inhaling it back into the body at a more concentrated level, causing infections and even the creation of new strains of the virus. Our immune system is our defense against all viruses and must be strengthened, not weakened by the wearing of masks.

So the very thing that is the best thing to do, is the one thing that U46 will not do, because of their own fear, created by the hysteria fomented in society by skewed and corrupted data, swaying to the rhythm of a non-stop politically motivated media drumbeat. Our family will not be led around by irrational hysteria.

There is a sizable percentage of people who are rational and who realize the political nature of this supposed “pandemic”, the medical uselessness of the masks, and the unenforceable nature of six-foot social distancing in schools. They are desperate for someone to tell them the truth instead of continuing to fear monger. But this fraudulent survey gave no way for the rational person to respond. It only gave opportunities for those who live in irrational fear a way to state which irrational fear they are most afraid of.

The superintendent of U46 states: “Further, we formed subcommittees with representatives of the Elgin Teachers Association, educational support personnel, administrators, parents, and members of the larger community. “

These “parents and members of the larger community” are populated primarily by those of an acceptable collectivist mindset, busybodies, that nod their heads in agreement with anything the administrators decide. The “Elgin Teachers Association, and educational support personnel” are also heavily politicized, mostly Democrat and left-leaning, organizations that will support the predictable results of the data coming from this survey. They then, will all use the contrived “data” to justify their decisions. Will there be any representatives in these subcommittees allowed to state the obvious rational position that the only sensible way to handle coronavirus or any other health crisis is not to shut-down life in the face of fear; to continuously monitor, test and quarantine healthy people; but rather, to simply treat and quarantine those who are actually sick?

Instead of joining the parade of hysteria, U46 should provide some real, non-politicized, medical truth about this virus, and encourage parents and students that we at U46 are not afraid and will resume the important job of education that the school district has been paid an enormous sum of money in tax dollars to provide. Failure to do so is unacceptable regardless of fear or public data manipulation.

Open up the schools fully and for those parents who cannot get over their fears, they can figure out some sort of homeschooling or e-learning for themselves. Other school districts have announced precisely this – offering 2 options: school is opening up as normal without masks, with in-class instruction, and for those parents who are fearful they can continue the stunted zoom call learning at home. But once they realize that nothing terrible is happening to their kids they will grow quite comfortable with the new normal which is identical to the old normal. Then we can all get back to living our lives and put this hill that we turned into an unscalable mountain behind us. We cannot sacrifice the liberties and lives of our children on the altars of ignorance and fear.

– Bill Ward

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