Open Letter to DuPage County Election Division

DuPage County Election Division,

While I am willing to serve as an election judge for the upcoming election, I am unwilling to be forced to wear a face mask. Having a governor acting as a dictator, issuing edicts, closing businesses, locking down its citizens, demanding what we must personally wear or how we must personally live, should be resisted as foreign in a society where the people should be free to govern themselves – particularly on health issues. This is a back door to tyranny and I will not be a party to it. DuPage County should not abide this tyranny either.

Only the ignorant and the superstitious believe that masks do anything to prevent the spread of coronavirus. And only those who wish to manipulate the ignorant and the superstitious, in order to push their agenda and maintain their power, actively promote this false narrative. I am an adult, not a child, and I make my own decisions regarding my own health and body. And as a reasoning adult, as opposed to the unreasoning herd, I can easily recognize and demonstrate mask requirements to be nonsensical. And oddly, the more the virus retreats, as the society develops immunity, the more feverish this narrative is pushed and the more irrational and draconian the dictates become. DuPage County must stand in opposition to this madness.

Masks do far more harm than good. Medically they are useless at stopping a virus while being a warm moist breeding ground for bacteria and other diseases, as well as reducing much needed oxygen to the body. They were never meant to be worn by healthy people, with functioning immune systems for long periods of time as they are detrimental and overwhelm the immune system. It is unhealthy for any of us to wear a mask for 15+ hours at a polling place, and I’m not going to subject myself to that regardless of the Covid bonus pay. Strengthening the immune system, rather than overwhelming it, is the route to beating any disease. They love to say that they are “following the science” but all the real scientific fact belies their pronouncements. Furthermore, the masks are dehumanizing, muzzling, fear inducing, and crushing to the human spirit. Ironically, due to the fear and isolation, suicides have increased in September – “suicide prevention month”. Does the State care? Apparently these lives don’t matter. They are about the business of destroying all life in order to save a relatively few lives. – And then they call themselves heroes.

I do not wear a mask for the exact same reason I haven’t worn one for the past 57 years of my life, as none of us have. Have we forgotten what normal life is like? The new normal is a self-imposed nightmare of which I choose not to participate. Is this the first or the worst infectious disease in human history? No. Will there be other infectious diseases in the future? Yes. Did we ever shut down the country for any other virus? No. Have we ever imposed edicts that healthy people all must wear masks in public? No. Will we ever take the masks off? Why would we since there is always a new disease to be feared by the masses, utilized by politicians, and hyped endlessly by a media chasing after the next crisis story? Have we lost our collective minds? Yes. What makes this virus different from all others is that this is the only virus with a political agenda. The mask is the symbol of solidarity with that political agenda.

The masks serve to identify to the state those who are in compliance with the dictates and those who are not. They also provide a superstitious pacifier to the masses in order to quell the hysterical fear of an invisible virus. Additionally, the state now coerces business, through the threat of fines to do their policing for them – without compensation. So businesses are no longer free but are now subject to the State and used by the State to surveil and control the people. I do not use this word lightly but this is a textbook definition of fascism. Is DuPage County prepared to stand against this?

All of this is undeniably true and yet we are not allowed speak it because the governor is acting as a dictator, in contempt of court, issuing edicts as law. His emergency powers ran out on April 30, beyond this we have a dictator. -So why are we voting at all? We have command and compliance over liberty, fear over reason, and superstition over basic common sense. A majority of the population knows these things and yet they fear the State. For the most part I am able to laugh at these edicts, but now I imagine that I will not be allowed to serve as an election judge, or perhaps even vote on election day, without sacrificing my rationality for insanity. When government fears the people, it is liberty; when the people fear government, it is tyranny. DuPage County needs to stand up against this tyranny and exercise its own sovereignty in how to conduct an election. I would gladly serve as an election judge for such a sensible and courageous County.

William Ward

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