Paul Ryan’s dream closing speech

– this would have been gold if Paul Ryan had had this prepared at last night’s debate –

Thank you for this opportunity to participate in this debate. I would thank our moderator, and Centre College for hosting this debate on the issues.  I would like to thank my colleague and apparently, my new found friend (gesturing to Joe). Joe, I was unaware that we were such good friends, I thought we were simply colleagues, but I’ll be looking forward to the next ball game we get to go to together.

Let me tell you about Joe Biden. Joe is the type of guy that calls you “friend”, gives you his big smile, buys you a beer, slaps you on the back, perhaps sells you a used car, and then, turns around and stabs you in the same back he just slapped. He doesn’t do it because he’s mean; for Joe, it’s not personal, it’s simply business. Joe Biden  is not a guy who is going to engage in a serious debate over the issues. and he certainly cannot justify the failure which is this administration that he has been called out to thanklessly defend. Joe is dug in. He’s an old school thug style democrat, who’s invested his entire life in a lie. And sadly, it seems, there is little hope for change in Joe. I, myself, have submitted ideas and a budget that would go a long way to solving our economic woes, and yet, here tonight, you have seen the stonewalling and dug in attitude that such serious proposals are continuously met with. Joe  Biden is only serious about protecting his outdated, failed ideas, along with his tough-guy reputation.

These are the most serious of times. We cannot tolerate those who would laugh about such issues, or those who arrogantly ignore and refuse to engage with those immanently qualified individuals who present serious ideas and fixes for this country’s problems. In every corner of this administration, we have been surrounded by dug in, highly partisan, rather than principled, leaders who are more interested in protecting their own long public careers and pet ideologies rather than doing what is right for the strength and people of America. And good old boy Joe Biden  represents the old school version of this. It is time to end it.

Mitt Romney, and myself, will truly roll up our sleeves and rather than endlessly campaign and make speeches, will actually go to work for America. We will use the economic understanding and experience that we have gained from the private sector to set America back on a healthy course towards the future. This November, Mitt and I ask that you give us this opportunity to correct this ship.

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