Why We Lost

Surreal is the word. Tuesday night was surreal; an out of body, out of reality experience. It cannot be explained in political strategic terms, or in terms of basic right and wrong. Ignorance was glorified, up was down, wrong was right, and darkness ruled the day.

What I wish to clarify here is the motivation of the left and Democrats who came out in mass to vote for their own destruction. This is a psychological issue, not a political one. It is important to understand why truth did not matter, and psychologically, why people voted to move “forward” over the cliff; why people committed societal suicide.

The Democrat party thrives on dependency and victimization. The vast majority of the Democrats are the victims of one thing or another; their addictions, their heritage, their lives, their ignorance, and their own bad choices. The rest of the Democrats, the Pied Pipers, remind them of their hopeless victimized station in life, while setting themselves up as gallant slayers of all the straw-men that they themselves erect. -remember the Democrat national convention?

Republicans did not lose because they failed to moderate their message, they lost because they had a message to begin with. Sadly, the message really did not matter, weak or otherwise. Any message of truth or reality would have been vilified by the pop media and the Democrats. What motivated Democrats was hatred for those who made them feel stupid for following the Pied Piper. The overwhelming and overt failure of Obama and his leftist ideas demonstrated clearly the profound ignorance of his supporters. The tea party and conservative Republicans pounded that message home for four years in every possible way. The difference in depth of message and quality of character of the tea party versus the occupy movement was patently obvious despite all the pop media attempting to say otherwise. It was nearly impossible not to pile on, nor am I suggesting here that we shouldn’t have. Foolishness must be pointed out. But the fool on display is not going to be happy about it, nor will he admit to being a fool. He will instead retreat into a world where people don’t make him feel foolish, will confirm his false beliefs, and tell him lies that build up his wounded self-esteem. The Democrat party is a big tent for all such individuals.

I spoke with an Obama Democrat for about four minutes. We had a typical type of back and forth argument. At one point I even referred to Obama as a Marxist, which she complained about, yet surprisingly, was not the thing that really offended her. She had told me that she thought the Republicans in congress were messing things up. What really offended her was when I pointed out the simple fact that Republicans had not been in charge for the past four years. It was only at this point, the mention of this irrefutable fact, that offended her to such an extent to cause her to immediately say “Okay, we’re done” and shut the door in my face. The woman was confronted with a simple fact that made her feel ignorant. That feeling was the motivation to shut the door in my face, end the conversation, and permanently cement her vote for Obama regardless of any facts to the contrary. She could not handle it psychologically, and so she sought to isolate herself from hearing it. Dowse the light.

Let me set a scene to illustrate. You are in a neighbor’s house; three TV’s are on and only one is sort of being watched by two girls who are also texting each other across the room, the mother is on the phone talking to her friend, the dog is barking to get in, dinner from last night is still not cleaned up, the baby has discovered a Life Saver under the sofa that looks tasty, another baby is slung over the jabbering mother’s shoulder, the son is about to ride his skateboard down the staircase, the toilet for some reason doesn’t work, and the other son is locked in his room blasting his stereo. While talking on the phone the neighbor is also attempting to carry on a conversation with you. Being completely distracted and appalled at the mayhem, you respond, “Can I please turn the TV’s off?” as you attempt to keep the baby away from the dirty Life Saver. She whirls around and accusingly snarls, “What? are you calling me a bad parent!?” and “what, you think you’re better than me?!” The woman knows she’s a bad parent, but to her, you are worse for having pointed it out, and she will despise you for it.

And so the people voted for their own destruction, and this is irrational, yes, but you must understand the psychology of the self-destructive person. It is better to all go over the cliff together and plunge to their demise together, than to stand alone for truth. Better to save face, to taste revenge, and die proud then to humbly admit you error, repent, and be saved. They congratulate themselves because they stuck it to the tea party, as they cut off their nose to spite their face. Better to be popular, than righteous. Better to be heroes for just one day, than to live a good life in obscurity. Better to suffer in a dark cave than to dare comprehend the light.

“The eye is the lamp of the body; so then if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light that is in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!” -Matt 6:22-23

The darkness cannot tolerate any amount of light. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness does not comprehend it. It hates the light. The only way darkness can exist is to extinguish all and every form of light that is encountered. Truth cannot be allowed to grow in the mind that has been given over to falsehood, because the truth will extinguish those false beliefs. This is intolerable to those who have built their belief systems, and even their lives, on falsehoods. And though they do not understand what they do, because they live in darkness, they vote for revenge against the bearers of light.

The typical Republican strategist will now, predictably state, how the light needs to be dimmed in one manner or another. But how is it possible to dim the light of liberty dark enough so that the roaches won’t flee at the first flicker? At what level of dimness does the light of liberty cease to be liberty at all? Even the lighting of the dimmest candle fills a darkened room with light. And the roaches still flee.

What you saw last night was the rise of the darkness in an attempt to snuff the light. The light of truth has been blaring at the Democrats for the past four years. Everything they believe in has been proven a failure. They have egg on their face, and they know it. They are profoundly embarrassed at their own incompetence. And yet, to point out their failure is monumentally unacceptable to them. They hissed like a cornered animal.

“Are you calling me a bad parent?” -Yes we are, and worse.

“I’ll show you what bad is!” -and they did

– by Bill Ward

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