The Real Battle

The media continuously wants you to believe that there is a battle raging between the Republicans and the Democrats, but this is a ruse.  The real battle, behind the scenes  that no one seems to notice, is between the Democrats and reality.  The Democrats have been battling with reality, and losing big time, for the past four years (and many years prior).  They will continue to lose this battle, in a bigger way, in the next four years.  They must blame someone for their failure to win these battles against reality, and this becomes the purpose of the Republicans.  They are created to provide an army of straw-men for the Democrats to pretend to clash with, as they continuously lose the real fight with reality.  And the media, dutifully, and unwittingly, reports and analyzes all the staged clashes in this fake war.

The Republicans are to be blamed for the rising debt, the unemployment, the shrinking dollar, and all manner of ills that have actually been promoted by Democrats.  But the reason all these programs fail, according to the fake war narrative, is because of Republican opposition.  This is always the way of the demagogue, and the tyrannical state, to create and pretend to do battle with straw-men.  Nazis, German and Arab,  promote their fake war against the Jews, Communists, of all stripes, against the bourgeoisie,  Democrat socialists against capitalists, atheists against Christians,  Oceania  against Eurasia in Orwell’s “1984”, and on and on.  If there be one Republican left, after all the Democrats have lost all their battles with reality, that one Republican will be blamed for the defeat, and the media will report it as so.

Even more amazingly, the Republicans are somehow able to continue fighting in this fake war even though they are not in any positions of power.  The worst thing for the Democrats is to have all the levers of power, lose the battle with reality, and have no Republicans in sight to blame.  And we mustn’t ever point that out or else they will cut off their right arm just to spite their imagined enemies (read about this here).   This fake battle is always talked about and examined while the real battle is ignored.

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