To all concerned parents of U46 – an open response to U46 vaccine guidance

To all who have ears to hear,
On 5/25/2021 7:00 PM, School District U-46 wrote:
> I encourage all parents to have their children vaccinated as soon as they are eligible.  The approved vaccines have been proven to be effective and safe, and the percentage of vaccinated students will help us minimize disruptions in your child’s learning due to contact tracing as cases are identified.  Vaccination sites can be found online at


The preceding statement by Tony Sanders is a despicable lie.  These new vaccines are only “approved” as experimental gene therapy.  Never before have we invited pharmaceutical companies to not only experiment on us – along with our children – but to also make billions of dollars doing so. And then they are granted the go-ahead and stamp of approval by governmental bureaucracies and feckless school administrators.

“Effective”? how are they effective if those vaccinated can still be infected, get sick and die from this mystical thing they call Covid-19?  -Along with any number of other maladies caused by the vaccines themselves.  Thus far over 15,000 have died worldwide (including the young and healthy which have almost no chance of dieing from COVID itself), but don’t worry,  Tony Sanders has told you they are “proven to be effective and safe”.   Merely saying something is “safe and effective” over and over again does not make it so.   It’s nothing but propaganda.

“Proven safe”?  How can any vaccine be proven to be safe in barely 5 months of experimental trials on the population?  And the experimental trials on school-age children are barely one month old.  It typically takes two to three years to approve a vaccine as safe and even that is highly debatable.   All corona virus vaccine animal tests have thus far failed (the animal died when re-exposed to the virus).

There has never been an effective vaccine for a corona virus – ever!  Moderna has been at this for over a decade and has failed to bring one effective vaccine to market, they have all been failures, until this latest experiment on us and our children, this is madness.

In fact, according to leading virologists, it is impossible to have a vaccine for a corona virus because as soon as you have developed one, the virus has mutated, either in the body of the vaccinated person or outside the body in society at large, and grown more virulent, necessitating another vaccine to correct what the previous vaccine begat. This is a fool’s game of vaccine versus virus and in this game the virus always wins. The only other winners are the pharmaceutical companies wildly profiting from every new magical jab. This is a vicious circle with a hideous end.

There is only one fully proven and absolutely effective means of combating influenza or a corona virus, and it is the one that everyone has always known about, but all those who are benefiting from the vaccine culture will not allow it to be spoken of: immunization.  Virus is going to virus, and no amount of mask wearing, distancing, or lock-downs or vaccines are going to prevent it.  All they might do is slightly delay the inevitable. 

The inevitable has happened with Covid 19. Those who have died have already died, about 25,000 to 30,000 actual deaths due to the virus itself.  No more people died last year than died in previous years.  All we had was a relabeling of all diseases and deaths as Covid.   At this point we have achieved herd immunity.  No one is sick anymore, few ever were. The hospitals were never overwhelmed and certainly not now.  I don’t know of anyone who has had this mystical disease in the past six months, and neither do these school administrators and dictators.  The vaccines are unnecessary because we are immune, and particularly harmful after immunity has already been realized.   Covid, whatever the heck it was, is over.  We would’ve gotten over this far sooner if we hadn’t foolishly shuttered ourselves for the past year.  But these are truths that they will not allow you to know because they are busy controlling you and making money off of you.  They just have to keep the fear going.

Immunization within a population occurs in two ways; one, by contracting the virus and getting well  (which with Covid occurred 99.97% of the time, making it less deadly than most seasonal flu), and two, by being naturally immune. Some people just never contract the illness because their immune systems are uniquely strong.  This of course violates the “equity” standard set by U 46 where everyone must be the same. Everyone must get the vaccine, even those who don’t need it. It’s just not fair that some people get sick and others don’t, right?

Immunization is virology 101.  Regarding viruses, everyone knows that if you contract a virus and get well you are now immune from getting that virus for the rest of your life. Your body’s natural immunity is vastly superior to any lab created faux resistance. And yet this most basic and truly scientific understanding is now censored in the media vaccine culture, the phony science, and ignored in U 46.  Immunization is the only proven safe and effective route back to normalcy.  It is the gold standard of defeating a virus but it apparently carries no weight with the school district.

Instead, they will continue to rely on masks which are no more effective than a child who hides under his blanket to protect him from invisible monsters; and social distancing, which is deeply destructive to the human psyche (particularly school children); and phony vaccines which are the most deceptive and destructive of all.

We will never subject our children to these experimental vaccines that have been proven time and time again to be completely ineffectual and dangerous in both the short term and very likely devastating so in the long term.  I hope other parents research the disturbing history of these and other vaccines.  This is far too serious of a matter to be led around by fools regurgitating collectivist propaganda while raking in billions ($50,000,000,000 to $60,000,000,000 + to be more exact) of dollars.

The pushers of these vaccines are fools, profiteers, and dictators.  Some are all three.

To all who hear this.  Stand with me against this madness pushed on our children and our society.

Bill Ward

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