The Return to Bowling – not quite

So after not bowling for nearly a year, it was suggested to me that I should return because they would not hassle me about wearing a mask, which I don’t do because it is so stupid, it’s unhealthy, it’s damaging to your immune system, it’s demeaning, it’s unlawful, it’s un-American, it’s unnecessary and utterly worthless against any virus (like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain-link fence), and so it is irrational and I don’t do irrational.

The masks are a religious talisman, a holy rag, that people put on their face, demanded by hypocritical and power-hungry governors and medicine men, in order to ward off evil viral spirits. They don’t do a damn thing except to virtue signal your membership in and acceptance of the global collective to other members of the herd. Oh, and they also allow you to pay for bowling, walk around on the carpet, and practice bowling. Oddly though, for some irrational reason, we, the children of the state, according to the grace of our parental-masters, are allowed to remove the talisman when we bowl a game and walk around and talk with others on non-carpeted surfaces. “You will have fun when we say it is okay to have fun, and you will stand in line and pay when we tell you to do that”. Perhaps I’m the only one, but I find “fun” difficult to have under this oppressive atmosphere. Where are the naughty boys, the real men, willing to stand up to say “no” and “hell no!”.

But I place most of the blame on Fox Bowl because nothing is requiring them to enforce these disparaging dictates except their own servility to the state. There are many businesses which do not enforce without any consequences because the state can’t enforce unenforceable and unlawful dictates. But Fox Bowl complies anyway, requiring their employees to act as unpaid policeman for the state; as unwary brown-shirts and ninny nanny’s, scolding its customers when they go to the bathroom, when they venture out of the designated areas, or practice bowling – “you must wear the mask”. – Oh and by the way, be careful what you say and be careful what you think.

This is what fascism looks like: the state is on top, the businesses beg for benefits and serve the state, and we the people are at the bottom, there to beg businesses for essential products and “support” the business. This is upside down from a free country where “we the people” are at the top and businesses are there to serve us (remember “the customer is always right” ) , and then, at the bottom lies government which is to serve business so they can best serve the people. Fox Bowl doesn’t care about its customers, it doesn’t care that it was shut down by the state and it doesn’t care that the INDY group is down from 80+ people to under 25 a year later, its only concern is to please its master, the state, to complain and beg for more bailouts.

There is no pandemic, there never was a pandemic, and I knew this from the very beginning. The death rate is below seasonal flu level: less than 0.027%. No more people have died in the past year than have died in previous years. You have a greater chance of dying by driving to the bowling alley then you do dying from coronavirus. The only thing we had to fear was fear itself and we completely lost this battle. Watch my music video that I produced way back in April of 2020. It’s quite entertaining, true then and still true now “Ninny Nanny Land #19- Alice in Corona Land” I cannot believe a year later we are still donning the masks and bowing down to our masters. America is headed for a very dark place if we do not stand up for liberty.

Life is best experienced by living. Let me know if they ever really open up and we can have fun again, as adults, in freedom.

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